9 augustus 2021

The city’s alternative and cultural sound

The most extraordinary expression of community feeling and confidence by local businesses in RCD has to be the creation of Operator. What started four years ago […]
16 augustus 2021


Rotterdam is continually evolving. The city is famed for its great diversity of 20th-century architecture as well as for its newer ultramodern structures. In each issue, […]
19 augustus 2021


Fiets zaterdag 28 augustus mee door het groene Rotterdam van nu en morgen. Met o.a. muziek van Tim Knol, spoken word van Elten Kiene en de […]
23 augustus 2021

Unilever: Mobility as a Sustainable Service

It was more than ten years ago that Unilever introduced its Sustainable Living Plan (USLP) and demonstrated that corporate profit and sustainability can go hand in […]