5 juli 2021

Home Tours in Rotterdam Central District

For those not in the know, the name ‘Central District’ conjures visions of chock-a-block offices. But nothing could be further from the truth! Scores of people […]
6 juli 2021

Obstakelonderzoek Delftseplein

Aan het Delftseplein, naast Rotterdam CS, komt het nieuwe gebouw Tree House. Ter voorbereiding op de bouw van de woon- en kantorentoren vindt in het weekend […]
12 juli 2021

“With perseverance and hard work, you may achieve anything”

Twelve storeys above Delftseplein, overlooking the city centre, a successful new company strives to build a digital future. Ciphix is the result of three young entrepreneurs, […]
19 juli 2021

Savills renovates Rotterdam gems

Rotterdam Central District is the first truly mixed-use urban centre in the Netherlands. And for a port city, that’s even more unique. Savills, a major player […]