Roodkapje was founded in Rotterdam in 2000 by Eric den Hartigh. Over the years, Roodkapje has grown into a multidisciplinary platform for presentation and talent support for young artists, musicians, performers and programmers in the heart of Rotterdam. Roodkapje is multi-voiced, energetic and supportive and offers a space to explore, experiment and execute.

We offer a diverse program in a multifunctional venue. Our ART | MUSIC | FOOD events are polyphonous yet all coexist under one roof. Our exhibition space, music venue, hamburger restaurant (Burgertrut) and the studios of our residency program (Hamburger Community of Art) are used to give way to talented makers of all sorts. Our entrepreneurial spirit is what characterizes us and what strives us to continue to create and make space for art, music and (vegan) food.

Roodkapje consists of a small team of cultural enthusiasts. Together, we work hard to maintain and further develop the creative playground that is Roodkapje.

Delftseplein 39
3013 AA Rotterdam