RCD #9

How wonderful that you’ve picked up this issue of RCD Magazine! Featured on the cover are two dazzling young ladies who work at Tuesday. Located on the 23rd floor of the Millennium Tower, Tuesday is a company on a mission to make meetings fun again, from brainstorming and decision-making to forging and sealing deals. After our interview with Martine and Marischka, we were all revved up for our next meeting. And their view across the Rotterdam Central District is, in a word: amazing!

This issue shines a spotlight on sustainability, and we’re thrilled to feature several brilliant organizations that were happy to share their own sustainability stories with us. Savills told us why sustainability certificates matter, but don’t paint a complete picture. Michel Pan of D&B The Facility Group explained that we need to expand our thinking about sustainability beyond bricks and mortar to include people. And we paid a visit to DakAkker on the roof of the Schieblock.

We were also hugely impressed with Graciëlla van Vliet’s story. She is the creator of Closure, a one-stop platform based in the Groot Handelsgebouw that cancels subscriptions, memberships, contracts and accounts of the deceased as a service to the bereaved.

In short: we give you another terrific issue packed with RCD gems! Happy reading!
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Happy reading!

Rob Ittmann & Romy Lange