We like to give our people freedom from day one.
A unique and open working culture, that’s central at Lox. “We like to give our people freedom from day one”, says co-founder Dylan Hirsch. He started the company with Anna Rouleau and Melvil Donnart on the 1st of April 2020 and Lox has been growing ever since.

Lox provides an AI solution that helps E-commerce companies to save time and cost on their logistics. Today the company is serving several e-commerce players in Europe and has the ambition to continue its international development. In eighteen months, the team has grown from three to fifteen members, all from different nationalities and backgrounds. Besides attractive salaries and nice perks, team personal development and well-being are core values at Lox.

“We provide software to e-commerce companies that ship large amounts of packages”, Dylan explains. “We analyze and spot errors on their carrier invoices. In case anything goes wrong, we help them to get the money back.” Thanks to Lox, e-commerce companies do not have to worry about their claiming process with carriers and can focus on their core business.

“Logistics is a very traditional market and Lox is using technology to automate manual processes”, Dylan points out. “To innovate in this traditional market, we need very ambitious people that are not scared to challenge the status quo. In the end, the problem is a global problem without a good solution. Therefore, we have been building an international team that is continuously focusing on the ever-growing market.” Consequently, Lox’s team has been growing exponentially to keep pace and expects the team to triple within the coming year.

“Maybe it’s a coincidence”, laughs Vincent Tjon Appian, Business Development Executive at Lox, “but I started here about a month ago and have already had the best experience in my career. These last weeks have been quite exciting. Not only because of all the great things we’re doing as a young and dynamic team but also because of the amount of responsibility we’re all given – even new hires. It really is an open culture where everyone has a say in the decision-making”. Isis Fordant, Customer Onboarding Developer at Lox, agrees: “Everyone is really involved, also in the business side of things. There’s not really a hierarchy and we get challenged a lot, which makes it much more fun.”

Personal freedom and responsibility are reflected in other ways as well, according to Anna. “Our team is free to work from anywhere, anytime in the world. Furthermore, unlimited holidays are provided, as we trust that our team is aware of their responsibilities.” Additionally, there are great opportunities to grow and evolve within the company, Isis stresses. “I joined Lox as a business developer, but when I realized that I liked working on improving our product more, I was given the chance to switch and explore that.” Dylan wholeheartedly agrees: “We offer many opportunities for our people, and we want to support them as much as we can in their ambitions.”

Lox Solution | Stationsplein 45, 3rd floor | 3013 AK | Rotterdam +33 (0)6 28 38 94 57 | www.loxsolution.com

Text: Tessa Burger
Photography: Lox Solution