OVER Time is the new space

Time is the new space is a space for production structured around public events that take place at the corner of Schieblock in Rotterdam Central District. To broadcast diversity, creative content and the unknown the city has to offer. The format is open to anyone, contact us for possibilities and/or questions. Music, streams, podcasts, performance, talks, shows, drinks, meetings.

Time is the new space is located in Schieblock
Open during events.

TITNS facilitates multiple events. Yours too?
Visit us at Schiekade 185.



21 maart 2015

Ook nieuws?

Heeft u ook nieuws? Informeer ons over zaken die betrekking hebben op Rotterdam en RCD.
30 november 2022

SQUARE EIGHT VINTAGE: How to brothers are rethinking vintage fashion

Daud and Roël IJsselstein’s city-hopping Vintage Kilo Pop-Ups have been delighting vintage fans with their unique fashion for quite some time. Recently, they expanded their Gouda-based […]