We provide a unique combination of our own furniture products and the best from +1,000 suppliers.
Holmris B8 works together with architects, designers, property developers, business owners and users to create unique design interior projects.
Our roots are in Denmark, the world is our playfield. Holmris B8 is specifically focused on the Office and Hotel segments.

We create room for people. With character.
At HOLMRIS B8, a room is more than just a place where people gather. It is where people flourish. The business guru. The pleasure-seeker. The professor. The go-getter. The patient. The carer. The fun-lover.
And everyone in between. We believe that people need room for both personality and diversity. To thrive. To develop. To produce results. To rise to the occasion.



21 maart 2015

Ook nieuws?

Heeft u ook nieuws? Informeer ons over zaken die betrekking hebben op Rotterdam en RCD.
3 maart 2023

Regio van de toekomst

YES!Delft en MRDH zijn een samenwerking gestart om uit te zoeken wat de rol robotica kan spelen in het publieke domein. Aan welke soort hybride robotica toepassingen moet je denken?