LUCIE with the six punches

As little guys, Errol and Bas shared a common dream; to join the army. They wanted a physical and mental challenge and see a lot of the world. About 10 years ago Bas and Errol met each other at the Marine Corps. Iron discipline, great perseverance and going through fire for each other; in this, these two found each other. They turned out to have many similarities; the drive to get the best out of everything and to realize new ideas. But why do you trade hanging from a helicopter, jumping from planes, the tough discipline and operating in all circumstances for a Boutique Boxing Gym? Simple: Defense operates across borders and that is exactly what these two do to you; they push your personal borders.

With our innovative boutique boxing formula, LUCIE with the six punches, we want to make sports fun again. And also a lot less time consuming! What do you say yourself; with all these fully booked agendas, exercising has become almost an impossible task. LUCIE also has a suitable offer for companies and we are a member of Bedrijfsfitness Nederland.

While the motivational vibe heightens your senses, we offer an exciting and effective training regime according to a fixed formula. This is entirely tailored to your own pace, your personal qualities and potential. What we especially want is for you to feel like part of our family. A family of people who want to train seriously, but at the same time have a lot of fun. And that also fits our busy schedules.

Boxing is a sport that involves literally all physical challenges, but it sometimes doesn't make the cut for some because of its fighting element. With boxing discipline as a starting point, Lucie offers high intensity interval training, but in a motivating club atmosphere. A party instead of a fight! And that's LUCIE: the first Boxing Boutique Gym in Rotterdam. An outlet where you can leave the daily hustle and bustle behind for a while. Feel welcome to join us! #joinlucie