Humans of Central District: Patricio de Boom (Laatbloeien)

Working and being inspired in LaatBloeien means that you try to improve the world a little through social entrepreneurship. For Patricio de Boom, this is the common thread through all of LaatBloeien's activities, which originated from the entrepreneurial spirit of Martin Schuurman. He is also the man behind MKB Brandstof. The specially made entrance on the side of the bright yellow Luchtsingel is spectacular. “The former Shell head office on Hofplein is therefore very accessible for people who come here by train. You then immediately find yourself in in the LaatBloeien Werkcafé, which is important for casual encounters,” says Patricio de Boom. “LaatBloeien is so much more than a provider of flexible workplaces, office units, a live streaming studio or a great meeting place with a view of the Hofplein fountain. We see ourselves as an impact hub, in which we link ideas to actually executing them, a bit like the people of Rotterdam.

The mentality of acting and tackling issues is deeply rooted in the fibers of this organization. We focus on all social and impact-driven initiatives and entrepreneurs but are also mainly there for the MKB segment of companies, to help them accelerate the transition to a social and sustainable business model. In that light, I am proud of the Purpose Day we hosted. In the inspiring surroundings of our building, two hundred MKB entrepreneurs came to this meeting, but from the new generation. In addition to listening to inspiring frontrunners, they could spar about how they can make their chain more sustainable. As a director / owner it is sometimes quite a lonely route, and then it is nice when you talk to fellow entrepreneurs where you can seek for support and inspiration.“

You can also describe our impact hub as an ecosystem that specializes in business models that make an impact, with a physical location here in Rotterdam and the other in Haarlem. To expand the ecosystem, we are now also looking at other locations in the Netherlands. The way we want to work, engaging with business that plays a role in the city, it is important that we are at real A-locations. For us, Hofplein, sort of in the middle of the Rotterdam Central District, is a great place. This is where it happens! ”

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