War on Talent

Unilever has been recruiting talent already for fifty years for their internal training programmes. This corporate’s approach to attracting trainees has changed considerably over time. The classic recruiter interviews are making way for artificial intelligence and video interviews. For trainees, the CV no longer plays a role. “We make use of computer games to test the candidates for their insight, creativity and intelligence. Next, they are asked to make a video in which they answer a few questions. The software processes this data and looks, for example, at how the candidate comes across. Does he show confidence? Is he uncertain?” Based on the data collected, certain candidates are invited for an assessment day at our offices. At that moment, the assessors have not yet seen anything of the candidates. No CVs either. The only thing that matters is if the candidate has completed a study programme. Psychology, chemistry, business studies… that’s irrelevant.


This article is published in STRICT magazine. You can read the full story online: https://rotterdam-centraldistrict.nl/strict/