A passion for real estate: that’s what fuels the two founders of Vestor. Since starting their company last year, Brian van der Sluijs and Dax Ravestein have made some tremendous strides already. For example, they took on the the redevelopment of an office building to forty new homes in Nieuwegein, they advised in acquiring a premier office property in Waalhaven and invested in a small-scale office building in Rotterdam. With a stunning home base overlooking Rotterdam’s central station square, and after a successful first year, the two are on the path to a bright future.

“We never get tired of talking about real estate”, Brian grins. “I can get really psyched about a place, the bricks and mortar that make it. It’s amazing to walk around an area, see the possibilities and marvel.” That applies “not just in the city”, Dax notes. “We’re going farther afield all the time, because there’s a ton of potential in regeneration areas outside urban centres. Since we know about plans or can see latent possibilities, we can take a future-oriented perspective. What will these places look like in 10 or 15 years, and what part can we play?”

“Real estate can really make or break a location. It can optimize a whole neighbourhood or area and elevate it to a higher level. It’s great to be a part of that and help make a difference.”

When it comes to real estate, Vestor’s dynamic duo know their stuff. And vision? They’ve got that, too. That’s why they invest not only for and with an exclusive group of real estate partners but also for themselves. From project development to investments in logistics and offices, Brian and Dax are all-rounders in the property market. “Funda and estate agents don’t come into it”, Brian explains. “We basically do everything data driven and off the market to keep the playing field as small as we can for us and our partners.” Which makes Vestor not only faster and more exclusive, but also allows them to find off-the-radar properties. “By reaching out directly to our network and external connections, we can respond to our partners and secure opportunities in a way that no one else can.”

So, what do they like best about their line of work? “Real estate can really make or break a location”, Dax argues. “It can optimize a whole neighbourhood or area and elevate it to a higher level. It’s great to be a part of that and help make a difference.” As an example, he cites a listed historic property they acquired for an associate, now in the process of being converted into a stunning office and apartments. At viewings, thrilled neighbours were already coming up to confirm that the building would be occupied at last, after remaining vacant for years. “That’s where you see on a small scale – this being a relatively small project – the kind of impact our work can have locally and how it affects inhabitants or visitors.” Plus, Brian adds, “the connections with people in the sector also motivate us. It’s fascinating to know who’s behind the beautiful façades and so who’s to some extent defining the look and feel of an urban space or area.”

Though the two acknowledge the current real estate market is tricky, they say it only energizes them: “Funnily enough, in spite of this momentum in the market, we’re managing to land absolutely brilliant projects”, Dax says. “It really only gives us more confidence in the future, when everything will hopefully calm down again.” At this moment the guys are seeking developing sites and investment properties without losing sight of the goal to build their own portfolio. In that last matter Vestor is also looking for investors who would like to pick up projects together. “It’s great to be working on our relationships, strategies and game plan”, Brian says. “When things turn around and the market cools down again, we’ll reap the rewards of the new opportunities that brings.”

“By our data driven approach we can secure opportunities in a way no one else can”

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Text: Tessa Burger
Photography: Bastiaan de Haas