The heart of a global city like no other

Welcome to Rotterdam. A city that makes you proud. With its impressive skyline and the ruggedness of the world port. Where innovation and entrepreneurship go hand in hand. A city on the rise. With the pearl at its heart: Rotterdam Central District. The area around Weena, with Stationsplein as its dynamic centre-point. The place where everything comes together. From large and established to small and starting. From temporary and raw to polished and built to last. A European economic hub with international connections. Anything is possible here. But how can you – as entrepreneur or investor – tap into the tremendous potential of this area? By joining forces, putting our heads together and getting our hands dirty, that’s how! And we have been doing exactly that since 2009 as the RCD Association.

The Association

Municipal workers, developers, residents and investors active in the Rotterdam Central District are all represented in the RCD Association. Together, we are committed to the realisation of three pillars

  1. AREA DEVELOPMENT: Sparring partner towards the municipality, developers, investors and also residents/tenants when it comes to (future) area development.
  2. PROFILING: Promotion of and acquisition for RCD with the aim of attracting new enterprises, investors and visitors.
  3. BUSINESS COMMUNITY: Creation of new connections within RCD, cultivating a strong network, nurturing current enterprises.
“The entrepreneurs and companies affiliated with RCD help to keep the municipality focussed. We discuss plans and work together to realise them. So, it is important for entrepreneurs to be involved in the association, to give them a say in the development of the area.” (Kees van Oorschot, Rotterdam Municipality)

The Board

The board of the RCD Association was elected during the General Meeting of Members.