The RCD Association is the platform that brings various stakeholders to profile the area. The focus lies on attracting more residents/tenants and investors by highlighting the (inter)national profile of the area during events, such as with informational materials. The association works in close cooperation with strategic partners including Port of Rotterdam, Rotterdam Partners and the municipality. In addition, it is very important that RCD continues to be a strong brand that stays in the minds of the current and future residents. RCD deserves to be seen!

Contact details

Oscar de Grave
Rotterdam Central District Association
06 46 01 89 87 |


RCD | Stijlgids (2017) - PDF | ? MB
RCD | Logomap (2017) - ZIP | ? MB
RCD | Het verhaal van het gebied (2017) - PDF | 336 KB
RCD | Het verhaal van de vereniging (2017) - PDF | 470 KB