19 November 2019

COLUMN: Melissa Ablett

14 November 2019

The O-Team

5 November 2019

RCD as Rotterdam Climate District

28 October 2019

Humans of RCD: Vincent van der Meulen

21 October 2019

Key to the Future: Cooperation

14 October 2019

PLEIN06: The City’s Dream Maker

8 October 2019

Delftseplein Tender

30 September 2019

Humans of RCD: Katinka Enkhuizen

24 September 2019

RCD: The sustainable core of Rotterdam

17 September 2019

HOFPLEIN 19: Revamped and future-ready

11 September 2019

COLUMN: Grardie Akkerhuis

2 September 2019

On The Brink: Simplifying Complex Urban Developments

26 August 2019

10 Years of Rotterdam Central District

20 August 2019

Humans of RCD: Gijs de Waal

15 August 2019

Marriott and TED are super-connectors

8 August 2019

Shared Mobility

23 July 2019

Humans of RCD: Frido van Nieuwamerongen

11 July 2019

No innovation without connection

4 June 2019

Second edition STRICT magazine is launched

4 September 2018

First edition STRICT magazine is finally here

4 September 2018

Freshly-painted Luchtsingel, thanks to Bureau ZUS and municipality

4 September 2018

Departure of director Marius Meurs from GHG

4 September 2018

Birgitta Padberg, appointed as new Managing Director of Groot Handelsgebouw

30 July 2018

Suits and jeans

23 July 2018

Final phase Weenapoint

16 July 2018

War on Talent

9 July 2018

ZUS: rebel with a cause

2 July 2018

Rotterdam: a work in progress

25 June 2018

Eurostar has an added bonus, which we’re very happy about

18 June 2018

Tender Delftseplein


The heart of a global city like no other

Rotterdam Central District: the pearl at the heart of the city. A district unlike any other, with Stationsplein as its dynamic centre-point. The place where everything comes together. From large and established to small and starting. From temporary and raw to polished and built to last. A European economic hub with international connections. Anything is possible here. But how can you - as an entrepreneur or investor – tap into the tremendous potential of this area? By joining forces, putting our heads together and getting our hands dirty, that’s how! And we have been doing exactly that since 2009 as the RCD Association.

Are you active in RCD and interested in joining forces? Read more here or contact us.