In 2007 a few companies together with the board of Rotterdam set a vision for Rotterdam Central District (RCD). Since 2009 the association RCD is a platform where the town, building owners and entrepreneurs collaborate on the quality / development of the area Rotterdam Central District. The association RCD also promotes the area in order to draw more companies and investors to RCD. We also organize networking events so companies can approach each other easily.
As a stakeholder or interested company in RCD there is the ability to hook up, to think, to participate. Your creative ideas are certainly welcome. Ultimately we want to unite everyone in the area in order to create maximum impact, force and support. The association is much more than a networkclub where they exchange contacts: it has a strong ambition. Together we want to make this the nicest area of ​​Rotterdam to achieve business success and work, perhaps the best place in the Netherlands.

Become a RCD member

The Association RCD has three types of members:
• The City of Rotterdam
• Investors and developers
• Users - Other companies

The last one are companies that are not located in RCD and don't have any real estate in RCD.

Membership fee

The membership fee for investors/developers is calculated by the amount of scare meters a companies has in the district. The membership fee for other companies is based on the number of employees working in RCD.